We live in difficult times.

The current state of emergency is a heavy blow to the arts and especially to symphony orchestras.

Wonderful concerts had to be canceled.

Our commitment to the public, however, remains. Because, especially in times like what we are going through today, the arts are important so that people do not lose hope for the future and believe in beauty and goodness.

That is why we – the Sofia Philharmonic decided to free broadcast our concerts to the people on the days when our concerts had to take place. The streaming will be on our facebook page:

We hope that doing so we will reduce the tension of what is happening these days and people will find their solace and hope in our music.

The next streaming will be on Facebook on April 23th, at 7 pm Eastern European Time, when we will perform for you the 10th Symphony by Shostakovich under the direction of Nayden Todorov.

We are looking forward to be together at least in the virtual space and we are waiting for the time when we will be able to be together again also in the concert hall.


23/04/2020 at 19:00




Sofia Philharmonic



Nayden Todorov